Agimat Game Farm

We would also like to remind you that as of August 15th 2008, cockfighting is banned in Louisiana. It is now banned in ALL 50 states and we intend to obey all laws. We can not and will not sell birds to be used for illegal purposes in or out of the USA. We only raise and sell birds to be used as broodfowl or show fowl. Although we will describe the fighting characteristics that our birds possess, it is for historical / informational purposes only and does not imply that we encourage cockfighting.

Agimat Game Farm is located in St. Landry Parish in Louisiana.

Note... At this time we are not selling pure fowl, only selling show fowl. 

We are not the Walmart of Gamefowl farms! We do not have 1,200 to 1,500 brood pens.

The Breeds that we mainly breed are Roundheads and Kelso's.

The Roundheads are Lacy's and Boston's, both lines of Roundheads are from a very good friend from Sunset and he had some damned good Roundheads. He only showed these pure, he won many fights with them but since he never crossed these with his Sweaters or his Hatch, he never won a derby. He was always 1 or 2 wins from either tying or winning the derby. I was gifted these before he passed at 84 years of age.

The Kelso's are Cardinal Club Kelso's that were from a Trio purchased direct from Loyce Derouen in New Iberia Louisiana in 1993. We later were gifted a Kelso from Gary Canlas who is a Filipino living in Texas. He won back to back derby's in both Oklahoma and Bayou Club in Vinton Louisiana. Gary's Kelso's were also from Mr. Loyce Derouen but he had bred a 1/2 Massa Kelso 1/2 Cecil Davis Kelso into his Kelso's then bred out. This cross proved successful so he set as as family. Gary never told me what percentage of of the cross was set as a family.  

My Kelso's are a set family from the Kelso's I had and the Kelso's from Gary.  T

he actual percentage is 3/4 my Kelso's and 1/4 his Kelso's.






Do we have more than 2 breeds? Yes, but what 

we have are the Nathaniel Tracy Pyles and are kept strictly for Historical Purposes and are shown in GBA shows by my son. This bloodline predates the Dan Tracy fowl and as far as we know the bloodlines are not related. The Tracy Pyles that we have are from Louis Colby and has been in his family since the late 1800's.

We show our own fowl in the West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio area in private shows (not open to public.




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